Registration for Single Family Homes

How It Works

Tell us about your home, your goals, and why you are pursuing upgrades.  Our Energy Concierges will book a consultation with you.

You will be contacted by your Energy Concierge to schedule an appointment for your consultation.

An Energy Expert is trained and experienced in building energy audits and technology and will provide personalized advice and support.

Your Energy Expert has a 1-on-1 conversation about your home with you based on the intake form you provided.

A few days after your home energy consultation you will receive a report that summarizes the results of your conversation with the Energy Expert to support taking your next steps in your retrofit journey! Your Energy Concierge is available to review the report with you and will be available throughout your retrofit journey.

The City of Vancouver has partnered with City Green Solutions and the Home Energy Navigator Program to help you learn what energy efficiency means for your home, identify what upgrades are best suited to your home and priorities, and take the first steps to improving your home’s comfort.

Complete the form below to register for the program and request your free virtual consultation.  The consultation it designed to help you determine next steps, how to plan your home’s upgrades to meet your goals and motivations, and highlight how your home can benefit from climate-friendly upgrades.