Denise and Duncan, Esquimalt

Heat Pump, Windows and Doors, Exterior Wall Insulation 1913 Detached Esquimalt
Did you know? Denise and Duncan only spend $480/year to heat their home with a heat pump, compared to $540/year for the average home heated with natural gas!

As part of a major upgrade to our 1913 house in Esquimalt, we replaced an oil furnace with a heat pump, and have been very happy with it.  We now spend about $480/year on heating, which is pretty good for a 2150 sq. ft. older house.  We also replaced our windows and added insulation so our house is now pretty efficient, given its age. We love our heat pump, and the fact that it’s close to zero carbon is a big plus for us.

Duncan and Denise, Esquimalt