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About the program

The Home Energy Navigator Program in a free program created by local governments in BC to engage and support homeowners throughout their retrofit journey. Participants are connected with an Energy Concierge, who will be available throughout their retrofit project to answer questions, provide support, and give local, expert advice and guidance to navigate the complex world of home energy retrofits.

The programs goal is to reduce carbon pollution from homes and buildings, which make up approximately 40% of the carbon pollution in the capital region of British Columbia and nearly 60% in Vancouver – mostly a result of the use of oil, natural gas and propane for space and water heating and the low level of efficiency of homes in the region. But regardless if you are motivated to decarbonize, increase comfort, reduce noise, reduce utility bill, or just generally make your home better, the Home Energy Navigator program can help with advice and support you need.

Our Partners

This program is funded by local municipalities and regional districts:

  • Capital Regional District, with support from District of Central Saanich, City of Colwood, Township of Esquimalt, District of Highlands, City of Langford, District of Metchosin, District of North Saanich, Town of Oak Bay, District of Saanich, Town of Sidney, District of Sooke, City of Victoria, Town of View Royal, and the Salt Spring Island, Southern Gulf Island, and Juan de Fuca Electoral Areas.
  • City of Vancouver.
  • Regional District of Nanaimo, with support from the City of Nanaimo.
  • Comox Valley of Regional District, with support from the City of Courtenay and Village of Cumberland.
  • City of Kelowna.

City Green Solutions is an enterprising non-profit with a mission to excite, inspire and lead British Columbians in finding innovative home and building energy efficiency solutions. For more information contact info@homeenergynav.ca.

Thank you to all of our Partners for your financial and in-kind support.


Frequently Asked Questions


We get it, there are a lot of “energy” terms out there. You must be wondering what the differences are between all these “energy” words and what they mean.

What’s the difference between your Energy Concierge, Energy Expert, Energy Coach, and Energy Advisor? (It’s a lot… we know.)

  • Energy Concierge – Specific to the Home Energy Navigator Program (HEN), your Energy Concierge is a general home efficiency and rebate program expert. Energy Concierges are here to help guide you along your retrofit and rebate journey, checking in with you along the way. Homeowners are encouraged to call or email your Concierge at any time with questions related to your retrofits, accessing rebates, reviewing quotes, or about the next steps in your retrofit journey.
    • Where do you find this title/label often used? – An Energy Concierge is unique to the Home Energy Navigator Program. Your concierge is the first point of contact when you register for the Program.
  • Energy Expert – Also, specific to the Home Energy Navigator Program (HEN), these are unbiased technical experts with a deeper analytical knowledge of home systems and efficiency. Once a homeowner registers with HEN, you’ll be asked to schedule a free over-the-phone consult with an Energy Expert to discuss your renovation plans, any issues with your home’s efficiency, and receive recommendations to solve these issues.
    • Where do you find this title/label often used? – An Energy Expert provides a virtual home consult (over-the-phone call) through the HEN Program. You may come across other programs online similar to HEN offering a similar service, which may include a virtual consult with an Energy Expert.
    • A Virtual Home Energy Consult (or over-the-phone consult) – Once registered for the Home Energy Navigator Program (HEN), you can access a free consult with an Energy Expert to go over your intake form, discuss your renovation plans, as well as ask questions related to any issues or concerns you may have with your home’s energy efficiency. After your consult, the Energy Expert will follow up with a report to summarize your phone call.
      • What a virtual consult is NOT: Your consult with an Energy Expert is NOT a replacement for an EnerGuide home evaluation. The consultation is intended to be an early “touch-base” with an expert to guide you on your next steps when planning your retrofits.
  • Energy Advisor – Licensed by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), these technical experts have a deep analytical knowledge of home systems and efficiency to deliver EnerGuide Rating System services for eligible homes in Canada. Energy Advisors are required to pass a series of exams to become ‘licensed’ with NRCan to offer their services and become affiliated with a Service Organization in order to be licensed (see Service Organization). Energy Advisors perform EnerGuide home evaluations, the first required step in order to access the Canada Greener Homes Initiative.
    • Where do you find this title/label often used? – If you are planning to access the federal incentive program, you will be working directly with an Energy Advisor. These individuals will perform both a pre-retrofit and post-retrofit EnerGuide home evaluation on your home.
    • Might also be called – an Energy Assessor, Energy Auditor, Energy Evaluator, Canada Greener Homes Person, Home Evaluator, etc.
    • Where to find an Energy Advisor –we recommend starting with the provincial CleanBC Better Homes Search Tool to find an energy advisor that services your area.
  • CleanBC Energy Coach – An unbiased hotline and email support is funded directly through the provincial CleanBC Better Homes and Home Renovation Rebate Program. The coaches are available to answer questions related to the provincial rebate programs, how to access the rebates, confirm requirements and check equipment eligibility, as well as assist you in finding contractors, energy advisors, etc. The Energy Coaches are experts in the provincial CleanBC program and can speak generally to other offers that might be available, such as the Canada Greener Homes Program (CGHG).

What is an EnerGuide Evaluation?

  • EnerGuide Evaluation – A comprehensive paid service provided by an unbiased Energy Advisor to assess your home’s energy performance and determine which areas of your home can be improved to help lower your utility bills and make your home more comfortable. Your energy advisor will complete a site visit, talk to you about concerns about the home, renovation plans, priority areas, rebates and create an energy model of your home. Check out our What to Expect with your EnerGuide Home Evaluation Guide for more information.
    • Where do you find this title/label often used? – If you are planning to access the federal incentive program, completing an EnerGuide home evaluation is the first step in order to access your grant/loan. You will be working directly with an Energy Advisor.
      • Might also be called: An Energy Evaluation, Energy Assessment, Energy Appraisal, or Energy Audit, Home Evaluation, etc.
    • Service Organization – An independent (profit or non-profit) organization/company licensed by NRCan to deliver federal housing programs, such as the EnerGuide Rating System. A Service Organization connects homeowners and builders with Energy Advisors to provide energy evaluations for both new and existing homes, among other energy services.
    • Where do you find this title/label often used? – The Service Organization your Energy Advisor is affiliated with can be found through the Homeowner Portal on your Application.
  • EnerGuide Rating (for homes) – The energy performance rating of a house, stated in gigajoules per year, is determined using standard operating conditions and calculated by subtracting the annual renewable energy contributions from the annual energy consumption.
    • Where do you find this title/label often used? – After completing an EnerGuide home evaluation, you will receive an EnerGuide rating and label, a Homeowner Information Sheet, and a Renovation Upgrade Report. Review the label.

Canada is among the top 10 global emitters as a country and one of the largest per capita emitters of GHGs. While the energy consumption and greenhouse gases emitted from your home make up a tiny percentage of global greenhouse gas emissions, at a regional level, the collective GHG emissions from homes is significant. More importantly, the amount of GHG emissions you produce in your home is completely within your control to reduce. Individual and collective actions at home are part of the solution.  The Home Energy Navigator Program supports and guides participants on climate-friendly upgrades that, individually and collectively, support global efforts to tackle climate change.


Participants must be owners of a home within the Capital Regional District or the City of Vancouver.

The home being upgraded must be an eligible home type for the CleanBC Better Homes and

  • single family detached; or
  • side-by-side duplex; or
  • side-by-side row home or townhome; or
  • a mobile home on a permanent foundation.

For full program Terms and Conditions, click here.

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Yes! Our Energy Concierges can help walk you through the form and provide offline support. Call 1-866-381-9995 and ask for a Home Energy Navigator or submit a contact form. Physical resources and over-the-phone supports can be made available.

Territory Acknowledgement

The Home Energy Navigator Program acknowledges that it conducts its business on the Traditional Territory of the Lək̓ʷəŋən speaking peoples. We recognize the First Nations governments across this region-Lək̓ʷəŋən (Songhees) and Xwsepsum (Esquimalt) Nations here in the core area, the W̱SÁNEĆ Nations {W̱JOȽEȽP (Tsartlip), BOḰEĆEN (Pauquachin), SȾÁUTW̱,(Tsawout) W̱SIKEM (Tseycum)} out on the Saanich Peninsula and Gulf Islands, to the west Sc’ianew (Beecher Bay), T’Sou-ke, and Pacheedaht, and MÁLEXEȽ (Malahat) and Pune’laxutth’ (Penelekut) Nationsconnection to the land that continues to this day.