Offers for City of Vancouver Residents

The City of Vancouver has partnered with City Green Solutions and the Home Energy Navigator Program to provide support and resources to help you learn what energy efficiency means for your home, identify what upgrades are best suited to your home and priorities, and take the first steps to improving your home’s comfort.

In Vancouver, nearly 60% of our carbon pollution comes from buildings.  By reducing energy waste, improving home comfort through energy efficient upgrades, and switching from fossil fuel to renewable energy, we can be part of the solution to our climate crisis.

Offers and Resources

Getting Started

Getting started can be a daunting task.  We can help.  Every home’s journey is unique but we’ve summarized the key points below – checking rebate and permitting requirements early will help you plan and save you headaches later on.

  1. Register with the Home Energy Navigator Program.
    1. If you are in a single family home, use this form.
    2. If your home is part of a Strata or Housing Co-Op, use this form.
  2. Check what provincial rebates and federal grants are available and what requirements you need to fulfill.
  3. Have a Virtual Home Energy Check-Up to answer questions about your home’s needs and to help turn your goals and priorities into concrete actions.  For additional rebate support, consider contacting a CleanBC Better Homes Energy Coach for more information on rebates.
  4. Consider having an EnerGuide Home Evaluation.  Some programs require one before completing upgrades and certain permitting scenarios may require one.  You can find an Energy Advisor online.
  5. Check what permitting requirements are needed for your project once you’ve outlined the work you plan on completing and before you start your work.
  6. Obtain quotes from at least 3 contractors to ensure you select the system that best suits your budget and priorities.  You can find contractors online.
  7. Complete your upgrades.
  8. Apply for provincial rebates and federal grants.

Rebates and Financing for Vancouver

Space heating and water heating represent more than half of a home’s energy consumption.  Many rebate programs are incentivizing upgrading to high efficiency heating and hot water systems.  The benefit to you is saving money on utility bills, improved comfort for your home, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  Vancouver has some of the greatest rebate opportunities in the province when you access provincial rebates, municipal top-ups, federal grants, and other offers.  The chart below provides a snapshot of what you can access as a City of Vancouver resident.

CleanBC Heat Pump Group Purchase Rebate for Vancouver

Use this GPR Code to Register: GPR0195-EXP28/06/2023-CBC

The CleanBC Heat Pump Group Purchase Rebate (GPR) is an additional rebate offer that rewards groups of homeowners working together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by switching from an oil, natural gas, or propane heating system to an air source heat pump.

To access the GPR Program:

  1. Register with the GPR Program using the GPR Code above.
  2. Install a CleanBC Better Homes eligible heat pump.
  3. Include your GPR Code when you apply for your rebate online. Apply before the code expires.

The larger the group grows, the greater the GPR Rebate becomes, up to a maximum of $500.  See the CleanBC Heat Pump Group Purchase Rebate page for complete details and eligibility requirements.

Learn More about CleanBC Better Homes Rebates

CleanBC Better Homes is BC’s online hub for homeowners and businesses to access information, rebates and support to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in new and existing homes and buildings.

Canada Greener Homes Grant

The government of Canada is providing $2.6 billion to the sector through the Canada Greener Homes Grant. It will provide:

  • grants of up to $5,000 for energy efficiency retrofits, supported by an EnerGuide evaluation to up to 700,000 Canadians;
  • interest-free loans up to $40,000 for energy efficiency retrofits;
  • up to $600 to support the cost of EnerGuide evaluations; and
  • jobs by supporting recruitment and training of EnerGuide energy advisors to meet the anticipated increased demand.

Key information

  • You must register for the program.  You can register online here.  Make sure you review the eligibility requirements.
  • You must have an EnerGuide Home Evaluation prior to completing your upgrades to access grants.
  • Upgrades must be both recommended by your Energy Advisor and eligible for reimbursement.
  • Upgrades and EnerGuide Home Evaluations completed before December 01, 2020 are not eligible for reimbursement.
  • You can stack funding from multiple programs. Canadians are advised to take advantage of existing rebates being offered by other levels of government and utilities in their regions.
  • The sum of the funding from all sources must not exceed 100% of the total cost for any EnerGuide evaluation or eligible retrofit. Participants will be required to declare funding or rebates received from other sources.

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