Neighbourhood Energy Navigator Offer

Special, limited time offer for select communities

The Neighbourhood Energy Navigator Offer (NENO) is a limited time offer supports homes upgrading away from fossil fuel (oil, propane, or natural gas) space heating residents in select Greater Victoria communities.  We connect you to an Energy Advisor who will create a personalized Retrofit Roadmap Report that aligns with your priorities and works with your budget.

For a limited time only, eligible participants will receive a $150 discount at the time of booking their pre-retrofit EnerGuide Home Evaluation with an assigned Energy Advisor.

Take the guesswork out of retrofit planning.

Benefit from the technical knowledge of seasoned Energy Advisors via the Free Retrofit Roadmap Report and Consultation.

Learn what upgrade bundles optimize cost and impact for your home’s context and financial considerations and learn how to plan for future renovations.

An Energy Concierge is with you the whole way. An Energy Concierge will continue the support, helping you to select upgrades, understand quotes, and apply for rebates.

Fast track a more resilient, comfortable home with the Neighbourhood Energy Navigator Offer!

What is the Retrofit Roadmap Report?

The Retrofit Roadmap Report is a customized report breaking down upgrades into recommended packages that balance installation cost, operation cost, rebate and financing with your goals, priorities, and budget.  It gives you a pathway to Gold – that is a high performing, comfortable, and climate-friendly home!

Bronze Packages

Start with the upgrades that have the biggest impact for your home’s performance and savings.

Silver Packages

Achieve even better performance without leaving plentiful incentives on the table.

Gold Packages

Gold homes are the highest performing homes, achieving maximum comfort and savings.

Our partnered Energy Advisors provide the Retrofit Roadmap Report and a one-on-one virtual consultation for FREE through this program.  Hurry, though, it’s a limited time offer!

How it works

Complete the registration form at the bottom of this page.  We ask about your home, your renovation plans and budget, and your priorities and goals.

We’ll review your registration, ask any follow-up questions needed, and refer you to one of our partnered Energy Advisors to schedule a pre-retrofit EnerGuide Home Evaluation.

Once we’ve connected you with your Energy Advisor, they’ll coordinate scheduling a pre-retrofit EnerGuide Home Evaluation with you and take payment for the service.  The EnerGuide Home Evaluation enables the Energy Advisor to create an informed Retrofit Roadmap Report that aligns with your goals, concerns, budget, and home attributes.

What is an EnerGuide Home Evaluation?

  • An EnerGuide home evaluation is a comprehensive service designed by the federal government to help you improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. As part of the service, an Energy Advisor will come to your home and assess its energy performance.  It is required to access the Canada Greener Homes Grant and Canada Greener Homes Loan.
  • Pre-Retrofit EnerGuide Home Evaluations are a paid service and will typically cost between $500 and $700.  You can access up to $600 in rebates from the Canada Greener Homes Grant to offset this cost.
  • For more information on EnerGuide Home Evaluations, see this guide from Natural Resources Canada.

Is an EnerGuide Home Evaluation require to access the Neighbourhood Energy Navigator Offer?

  • Yes, a pre-retrofit EnerGuide Home Evaluation is required to access the Neighbourhood Energy Navigator Offer.  The evaluation provides key information for the development of your Retrofit Roadmap Report.

Do I have to pay for the Retrofit Roadmap Report?

  • No, you do not have to pay for the Retrofit Roadmap Report and Consultation.  It is a supporting service that the Neighbourhood Energy Navigator provides for free to participants.  The Retrofit Roadmap Report and Consultation has a value of $250.

After your pre-retrofit EnerGuide Home Evaluation, your Energy Advisor will develop your customized Retrofit Roadmap Report.  It will including information on the upgrades that best balance cost and impact for your home, estimated costs of upgrade bundles, and provide a pathway by which to plan upgrades and fast track a more resilient, comfortable, climate-friendly home.

What to expect

  • A one-on-one virtual or phone consultation with your Energy Advisor to review the report and understand how best to approach upgrading your home.
  • A report that provides upgrade bundles with associated estimated installation costs, comparison between performance levels of the different bundles, and guidance on rebate and financing opportunities to complete upgrades.

After you’ve received your Retrofit Roadmap Report and your Energy Advisor consultation, a dedicated Energy Concierge will step in to help you navigate your retrofits.

Your Energy Concierge will provide support selecting upgrades, understand quotes, rebate program requirements, and support applying for rebates.

If you have questions or need additional support, contact us at or fill out our online form!

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