Planning and choosing upgrades

In this step, we help you make informed decisions so that you’re selecting the upgrades, contractors and quotes that align with your goals.

Supports at this stage of your retrofit journey include:

  • Help knowing if you should access a Home EnerGuide home evaluation prior to beginning upgrades (some rebate programs require this!)
  • Helping you find a list of rebate-eligible contractors in order to access a rebate
  • Help selecting a contractor
  • Support reviewing multiple quotes and making a decision how to proceed
  • Review and interpretation of EnerGuide home evaluation reports

Utilizing the information provided in your registration and your Home Energy Navigator report, we work with you to assess the contractors and upgrades you are actively considering.

Ongoing Support – We’re Here to Help!

If you have any questions about upgrades or rebates, just connect with your Energy Concierge by selecting where you think you’re on in the Retrofit Roadmap and we’ll help you out.

How it works

Some rebate programs require an EnerGuide home evaluation to be completed before you begin your upgrades, such as the federal Canada Greener Homes Grant Initiative.

Not sure if your retrofits require an EnerGuide home evaluation or what that entails? Ask your Energy Concierge!

Visit the CleanBC Better Homes Find a Contractor Search Tool to find qualified heat pump, insulation, and window and door installers in your area.

Not sure if your contractor needs to be listed program qualified contractor? Ask your Energy Concierge!

When you are planning your retrofits, ideally you are collecting at least 2 or 3 quotes per retrofit.

Contractors will provide you with detailed quotes including installation cost estimates, suggested system details, and more.

CleanBC Better Homes has resources on Hiring a Contractor.

Have additional questions? Ask your Energy Concierge!

Your Energy Concierge is here to help you navigate the best options for your home and your goals.

Complete the Retrofit Planning form below to request personalized assistance for contractor selection, quote selection, or EnerGuide report interpretation.

Need help filling out the form? Ask your Energy Concierge!

For complete offer details, read the Home Energy Navigator Program Terms and Conditions

Upgrade Planning Form

Complete the short survey below to request your customized upgrade planning supports. Don’t forget to upload any supporting documentation to help the Home Energy Navigator Team create your customized support resources.

It will take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

Need help? 

Our Energy Concierges can help walk you through the form and provide offline support.

Call 1-866-381-9995 and ask for a Home Energy Navigator or submit a contact form.