A new beginning: Enjoy your comfortable home

Congratulations, you have completed your retrofit journey! Your modernized home should now benefit from:

  • Improved comfort: upgraded insulation levels and air-tight homes with appropriate ventilation controls the air from entering or exiting your home, maintaining warm temperatures in the winter, and cool temperatures in the summer.
  • Reduced noise: upgraded insulation, air-tightness, and high-efficiency windows can reduce unwanted outdoor noise in your home. This is especially beneficial for homes built in busy or noisy areas or for individuals who enjoy peace and quiet.
  • Energy efficiency: modern heat-pumps and upgraded insulation help you use less energy to heat and cool your home, which reduces the ongoing monthly and annual operating costs of the home.
  • Lower carbon pollution: buildings are a significant source of energy consumption and carbon pollution in the region. Completing home energy upgrades reduces carbon pollution and reduces your personal household environmental footprint.
  • Future proofing: energy efficient homes have improved quality and can better withstand climate change impacts. For example, the combined effect of a tighter building envelope, high-efficiency heating system such as a heat pump means your home can offer better air quality and cooling as the world around you changes.

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