Applying for rebates

Applying for rebates and grants can be complex and confusing. Your Energy Concierge will help you navigate the requirements and applications.

Submit the Rebate Guide Form below to request your customized supports and guidance. Your Energy Concierge will review all your relevant documentation and receipts and put together a step-by-step guide to support you in applying for rebates.

Ongoing Support – We’re Here to Help!

If you have any questions about upgrades or rebates, just connect with your Energy Concierge by selecting where you think you’re on in the Retrofit Roadmap and we’ll help you out.

How it works

Submitting the form with as much documentation and information as you have will help your Energy Concierge develop a Rebate Guide and identify potential issues before you submit.

Rebates and grants have specific documentation requirements. Ensure you submit all documentation that you kept from your upgrades.

Your Energy Concierge will review them and check key information against program requirements so that your rebate application process can be as smooth as possible.

Each rebate and grant program has a different application process. Your Rebate Guide will tell you where to apply, key deadlines, and what to expect when you’re applying.

Have additional questions about the process? Ask your Energy Concierge.

For complete offer details, read the Home Energy Navigator Program Terms and Conditions

Request Your Rebate Guide

Submit the form below to request your Rebate Guide. You’re almost done with your Retrofit Journey!

Your Energy Concierge will review your form and all documentation and information you’ve provided to develop a customized guide to help you navigate how to access rebates, grants, and other incentives for the upgrades you have completed.

Please note that it’s very important you provide documentation for your upgrades.  We make sure to review that documentation and work with you to address any issues before they’re submitted to rebate programs, avoiding unfortunate delays in rebate processing.

It will take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete.

Need help? 

Our Energy Concierges can help walk you through the form and provide offline support.

Call 1-866-381-9995 and ask for a Home Energy Navigator or submit a contact form.