Getting the work done

This step is all about the upgrades. Complete your planned upgrades with your selected contractors with the knowledge and confidence that your Energy Concierge is available to answer upgrade questions throughout.

Don’t have an Energy Concierge? No problem, just Connect with an Energy Concierge and we’ll get you sorted!

Ongoing Support – We’re Here to Help!

If you have any questions about upgrades or rebates, just connect with your Energy Concierge by selecting where you think you’re on in the Retrofit Roadmap and we’ll help you out.

How it works

Installation and upgrade is the name of the game here. You set the pace – whether you’re stripping your home to the studs and doing a deep retrofit or focusing on a few key upgrades, your Energy Concierge is available for help along the way.

Rebates and grants have specific documentation requirements. Ensure you are holding onto any relevant quotes, invoices, product certificates, window label/stickers, and more.

Not sure what’s important to keep or if a document is the right one? Ask your Energy Concierge!

Plans change and evolve over the course of a project. Your Energy Concierge will check in with you regularly to help you navigate the bumps and turns of your retrofit journey.

And, if you have questions at any point in your journey, feel free to connect with your Energy Concierge, we’ll get you on track.

For complete offer details, read the Home Energy Navigator Program Terms and Conditions

Upgrade Support Form

Your Energy Concierge is here to help you navigate the twists and turns of your retrofit journey.

Complete the short Upgrade Support Form below to let us know how your upgrades are going thus far and if you are in need of a little extra help. Don’t forget to upload any supporting documentation to help your Energy Concierge create your customized support resources.

It will take approximately 5 minutes to complete

Need help? 

Our Energy Concierges can help walk you through the form and provide offline support.

Call 1-866-381-9995 and ask for a Home Energy Navigator or submit a contact form.